SOCIAL: 70% of all accidents fault of cyclists?

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really? someone on my kids' listserv (below) just posted this.

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Those efforts would be worthwhile (cutting back bushes, etc.) but futile if cyclists don't take responsibility for their own safety. It is one thing to be empowered, and another to be oblivious and entitled where it doesn't work. 70% of all bicycle accidents are the fault of the cyclist, not the driver! CHP data right there.Putting responsibility on the drivers is exactly what this parent did, and it is a sure recipe for danger.
I grew up in San Francisco, during the 80's and there were no bike lanes, etc. and a LOT fewer accidents involving bikes, because cyclists understood that their own safety was their responsibility. Can't pass the buck in this situation. Kids need to STOP at intersections and busy driveways/parking lot entrances, even
 when they're walking, but especially when they're riding a bike.
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Hi Jask,
Great timing! Thursday is the East Bay's annual bike to work (school) day. Bicycle awareness from bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians is all very important to support cycling. For NOCCS cyclists, there are a number of "energizer" stations Thursday with free food, tools, coupons and other cycling perks. The one closest to NOCCS is at 40th and San Pablo. Also one at Actual Cafe and at various other points.
Another bicycle issue at NOCCS is now that cyclists who park their bikes in the NOCCS parking lot are no longer able to go through the back door, cycling kids/parents/teachers need to walk through the parking lot entrance to go into the building. My kids have almost been hit by incoming cars into the parking lot two times. Very scary. Perhaps the bushes could be cut back (I'm happy to do this if I have permission), so drivers can better see cyclists coming from the bike racks, as visibility is almost
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Subject: [noccs] Bicycle safety - parents and kids



      Hey y'all, I know I pretty much never write here, just follow topics. My daughter graduated from NOCCS years ago, and I think it is a great school, and a school which is very community oriented.

That being said, I know many of our students ride a bike to school, and I have seen some very unsafe riding habits, from parents and students alike. Blazing through stop signs with your hand out is really dangerous, especially for your child, and totally unfair to the people driving.

I know that NOCCS parents are better than this, but I've seen it 3 times over the last two weeks. Parents please teach your children bicycle SAFETY. One day, they'll be riding on their own, and the safe habits will keep them alive!






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